Stay Fit & Vital with Just2BFit Sport Nutrition products!

Sport Nutrition products

Just2BFit Sport and DSM Nutritional Products AG jointly develop Sport Nutrition products. These have two huge advantages: they contribute demonstrably to (sporting) performance, and they are preferably composed of natural ingredients and are affordable.

After physical exercise, your muscles need protein to recover. A protein bar is an easy way to get some extra protein so that your muscles recover well after exercise, which reduces muscle soreness and ensures that you can get going again next time.

Just2BFit Sport's Vegan Protein bars contain a new, unique ingredient developed by DSM: CanolaPRO®. This protein isolate from the rapeseed plant is produced sustainably, and it works a lot more effectively than other plant-based proteins. The bars contain 33.9% (chocolate) and 27.5% (chocolate with peanuts) of plant proteins to help your muscles recover after physical exertion.

A healthy lifestyle also includes sufficient exercise. If you are a bit low on energy or don't feel like exercising, a little extra energy can come in handy. Just2BFit Sport's Energy* Fruit Gummies help give you that extra energy before and during a power or endurance performance.

These gummies consist of 92.5% pure fruit! You won't find such a high percentage of fruit in any other gummy that supports your energy levels. The various B vitamins release natural energy from the body and also help get energy from food.