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Feeling fit and vital starts with a healthy and balanced lifestyle

But what does such a healthy and balanced lifestyle look like? Good nutrition, sufficient exercise and sleep are essential components of a healthy lifestyle to (continue to) feel fit and vital. Ambassadors Hein, Yvonne and Leontien help you work on that healthy lifestyle by helping you in all those areas with informative content, tasty recipes and a training schedule to do at home.

During my top sports career, I learned how important good, balanced nutrition is. When I found out afterward that many people don't really know what healthy eating means, I was pretty shocked. I would therefore like to help people make healthy choices.

Watch how you eat, what you eat and supplement what you miss. Especially if you exercise, and train your muscles, the body needs to be able to recover. This does not have to be difficult, as long as you know where to start!

Former world speed skating champion

Vitality means everything to me. Even now that I no longer do top sports, I try to keep moving regularly. I have noticed so many times that staying vital makes it much easier for me to deal with difficult moments in life. I find that so lovely and important.

If I make sure my body is vital, I can handle a lot more in my brain. The trick is to be honest with yourself. If it doesn't work out, then tomorrow is another day. But I usually feel something else when I exercise; the reward that I feel happier.

World and Olympic cycling champion

Think of exercise as brushing your teeth. You have to do it every day. It brings me a lot of benefits, I feel much better in my skin, and I really don't have to exercise like a madman all the time to do that. 

I am involved in so many things in my life that I also want to stay fit and vital in my brain. I do this by combining a healthy diet, sufficient exercise and sleep. When I am old and want to be able to put on my socks without any problems, I have to make sure I am fit and vital now. Both physically and in my head.

Olympic skating champion

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