About us

Just2Bfit wants optimal vitality for everyone. Fit through healthy living, sports and finding the right balance. With our products, we want to contribute to a healthy lifestyle for optimal performance of body and mind. Many people nowadays use food supplements for preventive reasons or to better withstand everyday life's pressures, and we applaud that.

Unfortunately, many do so based on common wisdom, simple assumptions or unsubstantiated advice. As a result, many people take too many supplements, supplements they don't need or even supplements that are harmful to them. A positive development in this is the emergence of 'personalized nutrition'. The principle behind this is that health and nutritional intake are measured in innovative technological ways and then translated into appropriate nutritional advice, in which supplements also play a role. 'Measuring = Knowing' is, therefore, our motto. Thanks to the development of our Online Immunity Test and Vitality Test, we can give customers personalized advice on which of our products they can best use.

Our products are 100% natural* and provide optimal balance. In addition, they contain no synthetic fragrances, colors or flavors and are water-soluble. If too much is ingested, natural excretion follows. Originally a Swiss company, Just2BFit is broadly active in the European market. Our products have been developing for over 8 years, with DSM as a partner for innovation and product development. The collaboration with DSM Nutritional Products ensures a high-quality product composition. The team at Just2Bfit stands behind orthomolecular science. Orthomolecular therapy is part of natural medicine and aims to improve people's health using natural remedies.

*Excluding vitamin C tablets.

Just2BFit's products are made with ingredients from and in collaboration with DSM. DSM is the leading global supplier of vitamins, carotenoids, nutritional lipids, nutraceutical ingredients and nutritional pre-mixes to the dietary supplement, food and pharmaceutical industries.

In this, DSM has its own definition of quality. It is born from the ambition to understand customers' needs and runs from product development to production to after-sales support. All its customers are supported by DSM throughout the product development process so that they can get to market quickly and safely.

Quali®-Blends products are products of the highest quality. Quali®-Blends was created in response to the ever-increasing need for the highest quality products with ingredients whose origins can be easily traced. It encompasses DSM's unique offering of premix solutions, that we use in our products. Quali®-Blends products meet the highest criteria in terms of quality, reliability, traceability, safety and sustainability.