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A sporty lifestyle needs the right products to support it so that you can continue to perform at your best and your muscles recover properly. Just2BFit Sport Nutrition can help you do just that with top-quality ingredients to complement your sporty lifestyle.

We want to help sporty people optimize and sustain their sports performance, with high-quality supplements for their sporting lifestyle.

That is why, in collaboration with Royal DSM, we are developing new Sport Nutrition products that suit your way of exercising, with the highest quality ingredients that do what they are supposed to do.

We also believe it is important that our products are sustainable and fit different diets and lifestyles. This is reflected in our natural, vegan and sustainably produced products.

Regular exercise takes energy, and some days are easier than others. Sometimes you feel less energetic so you could do with a boost before or during exercise. You can give your energy levels a helping hand to feel fit and energetic enough to start again and keep up your sports performance.

For that, we have developed special gummies, based on a whopping 92.5% of fruit! These gummies contain several nutrients that support your energy levels. For instance, they contain several B vitamins that release the natural energy in your body and help get energy from food, and the caffeine has a beneficial effect on your stamina.

When you do sport, your muscles are taxed. This burns energy, and as your muscles get stronger, they will also use more energy at rest. But to use your muscles regularly, without injuries, and to ensure they become stronger, your muscles must recover properly after physical exertion. Proteins play an essential role in the process of muscle recovery. Therefore, consuming protein-rich products is recommended after exercising so that you can exercise again next time without discomfort.

Getting enough protein after exercise does not have to be difficult, which is why we have developed two vegan protein bars. Rich in protein, these bars help your muscles recover after exercise. The bars contain a new, state-of-the-art protein isolate developed by DSM, which is sustainably produced and better absorbed by your body than other plant-based sources of protein.

I try to be in motion daily, whether that is a round of running or strength training at the gym. This makes me feel fit and vital, even now that I am past 60. Just2BFit Sport Nutrition's products help me with my stamina and energy and help my muscles recover after exercise. Good ingredients to care for my body are very important to me. These products fit that perfectly!


The Vegan Protein bars contain a whole new, plant-based and sustainable protein isolate: CanolaPRO®. After more than 10 years of research and development, DSM has made this protein isolate from the rapeseed plant available, and we were the first to incorporate it into our all-vegan protein bars. CanolaPRO® is a special ingredient. It is a complete protein, which is a lot more absorbable by the body than many other (plant-based) protein sources and therefore works more effectively.

Very sustainable
CanolaPRO® is non-GMO and also a highly sustainable source of protein. Globally, protein consumption is rising, but to meet this increasing demand, available resources are being depleted, and the negative environmental impact is increasing. Therefore, now is the time to choose a responsible source of protein. For example, the carbon footprint and the amount of water used in the production of CanolaPRO® are many times lower than those of whey or soy; CanolaPRO® is a particularly sustainable alternative to traditional sources of (vegetable) protein.

That vitamins are essential for a well-functioning immune system is common knowledge, but did you know that vitamins can help you in many more ways? For instance, many vitamins have a significant impact on your energy levels. The whole range of B vitamins, for example, and vitamin C. That's why we like to use that great added value of certain vitamins (and minerals) in our Sport Nutrition products, because helping your body naturally is the best way, in our opinion. For example, the B vitamins in our fruit gummies help you get energy from food and activate your body's natural energy. Supplemented with a bit of caffeine, you have the ideal mix to provide yourself with some more energy before or during exercise.

Where did this come from?
Together with DSM, we develop our Sport Nutrition products. Together, we have a lot of knowledge about the importance of specific vitamins, minerals and nutrients, product solutions and ingredients, and we develop products of the highest quality. For example, DSM makes the vitamin premix with the B vitamins and caffeine we use in our fruit gummies. We have added almost nothing more to it besides natural fruit so that the product remains as pure as possible and we meet the highest standards.