These foods actually make you more hungry

You've already eaten, but an hour later you're already hungry again. Recognizable? This is because some foods only increase your appetite. Read below which products you should avoid preventing cravings after meals.

White bread

It's best not to eat white bread. This is because this bread contains easily broken-down carbohydrates, making you feel hungry faster. A good alternative is a wholemeal bread. The carbohydrates in this bread are harder to break down; energy is released more evenly.


In case you don't already know: a small sushi roll is often equivalent to three slices of white bread. This is because sushi consists mainly of rice. As with white bread, the carbohydrates in rice break down quickly, making you feel empty in your stomach faster.

Fruit juice

Fruit juice contains a lot of sugar. This causes your blood sugar levels to rise quickly but drop just as quickly. The skin or pulp of the fruit contains fiber, but this is often not included in the preparation of juice, while fiber is what makes you satiated. So when preparing a smoothie, try to use the whole piece of fruit.


Do you often drink wine with dinner? You'd better not! Alcohol makes you hungry and causes you to eat unhealthily. When you have had three glasses of alcohol, leptin in your body (the hormone that fights hunger) decreases by 30%. Alcohol also reduces glycogen levels, making you crave carbohydrates more.

Fast food

The saturated fats in fast food create a kind of inflammation in your gut. This stops your body from producing hunger-quenching substances like dopamine and serotonin. Also, the amount of salt in this kind of food causes your body to become dehydrated. The symptoms you get from this are similar to hunger.


Pizza is also a no-go. Flour, oil, cheese and preservatives make you feel like eating again after an hour. If you really can't do without pizza, make one with lots of vegetables and little cheese.

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