Frequently asked questions

Together with scientists from DSM and others, we have developed two online tests to measure what supplements you could use for better vitality or a stronger immune system. Take the Vitality Test or the Immunity Test and find out what your body could use. You also get an immediate discount on the recommended supplements after taking the test.

After doing the test, a screen opens with a product recommendation, at the bottom you will find two buttons. One is to directly order the recommended products at a discount, with the other button you open your personal report. Your personal report opens in a new tab in the browser. You can save that URL and thus always find your report, or if you press CTRL + P (shortcut for printing), you can choose 'Save as PDF' to save your report.

Besides a healthy lifestyle (enough exercise, a healthy diet and enough sleep), a healthy, functioning immune system depends on key nutrients in optimal amounts.

Vitamins A,C,D,E,B, trace elements such as Selenium, Zinc and omega-3 fatty acids (polyunsaturated fatty acids).

No, they can't. An optimal supply of nutrients is ideally achieved through a healthy and balanced diet. However, recommendations for balanced diets are often not followed (well enough) and then it is quite a challenge to reach the daily recommended amount. Supplementation helps with malnutrition of key nutrients and supports a well-functioning immune system.